Let’s be honest, life sometimes throws you a curve.

A business failure or downturn, a health crisis or relational crisis. Bad things happen to good people. When troubles come, it’s helpful to know where to turn. Here are some resources to help.

The Gracyn DenBesten Story

Saving Gracyn
On Christmas Eve, 2008, nine year old Gracyn DenBesten (Kris’ daughter) learned that a virus had affected her heart. That night—terrified and keenly aware she was dying—Gracyn surrendered her spirit to the will of her Savior and lapsed into a coma. She was placed on life support equipment with little hope of recovery. Against all odds, doctors implanted an experimental artificial heart to keep her alive while thousands prayed for a miracle. Gracyn’s miracle arrived on April 15, 2009 in the form of a new heart and a successful transplant. God has clearly used this incredible journey to put a new song in Gracyn’s heart. By His grace her story is just beginning.